Tue January 21 2020

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The UK’s leading specialist in the supply of products and services, HAVi helps businesses and organisations control and management of Hand Arm Vibration (HAV).

HAVi fundamentally believes HAV is a Behavioral Safety Issue and long-term prevention needs to focus on better understanding of the issue and the action needed to prevent damage - not by filling in forms, but by understanding the issue and approaching it head on.

HAVi vibration monitors assist employers in accomplishing compliance with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 and aid in the creation of risk assessments, which is what the HSE and insurers need.

Our aim is to help your business save money on devices and systems by taking a closer look at what is actually going on, enabling you to better protect your workforce by investing more in better tools and smarter processes.

Getting to grips with managing HAV’s is all about improving understanding of where the risks are within your business. By using a HAVi device you will be able to very quickly identify which tools, operators and processes are most likely to cause problems and take the appropriate corrective action.

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