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Thu December 05 2019

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Heimdall UK

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Heimdall UK brings innovative design to a market hungry for change. With growing concerns about safety on building, events, emergency services and road construction and maintenance sites, Heimdall UK gives the user peace of mind over safety and greater control over costs.

Heimdall UK offer the world’s most advanced lighting towers with Smart Stability system, built in telemetry allowing remote user control and management, 1000 hour service intervals as standard & innovative anti-theft design.

Smart Stability

Bad site conditions, bad weather — relax, Heimdall’s got you covered.

Heimdall towerlights are fitted with hydraulic legs for easy site set up and quick and simple deployment. However, Heimdall doesn’t stop there. The Heimdall Smart Stability system continually monitors the leg pressure and automatically measures pressure movement caused by changeable or unstable ground conditions or inclement weather. When at risk of becoming unstable, the Heimdall unit reacts and automatically drops the mast until the unit is again stable and secure.

Don’t just ‘cross your fingers and hope’ — Heimdall gives you and your business peace of mind.


If only I knew where it was and what it was doing…

Imagine you could check on the upkeep of your investment.

How is your towerlight being treated, does it have enough oil or diesel? Where is it?

Imagine you could control it, turn it off from the comfort of your office, track its movements. Heimdall’s Shadow telemetry is the answer and comes fitted as standard on all Heimdall’s range of mobile towerlights.

Extended Service

Servicing equipment costs money — let Heimdall help your business.

Service and maintenance is essential if you want to keep your towerlight fleet in tip top condition, but service is costly and it uses your employees' valuable time. But the alternative is not an option, a badly maintained fleet and the manufacturer's warranty provision becoming non-existent.

Heimdall's HD-S and HD-E towerlights have 1000 hours extended service intervals as standard.

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