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Tue May 26 2020

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Hillstone Products Ltd

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Hillstone Products is the UK's leading specialist in the manufacture and hire of load banks for industrial battery discharge testing, UPS and rectifier / charger testing.

AC load banks, for single or 3 phase, ratings 26kW, 50kW, 100kW, 150kW, 200kW, 300kW, 400kW, 500kW, 550kW, 700kW, 800KW, 1000kW, 1500KW

Applications include generator and UPS testing.

The new AC loadbank designs are suitable for both portable and permenent outdoor operation. Supplied with hand held remote controllers and with the option for PC interfacing and reporting software.

Combined AC & DC high powered load bank with DC ratings of 190kW automatic constant power and AC ratings of 465kW 3 phase.

DC load banks, 12V to 1200V, multi-voltage, constant current or power testing. Available as naturally cooled, high powered forced cooled or microprocessor designs, we also have the option for LABVIEW interfacing via our CANbus comms protocol.

Applications include Battery, Aerospace load testing, Fuel Cell testing.

Special applications include production line life time load testing.

Loadbank and Battery Charger Rental Hire Fleet :

Details of the full loadbank range is available on-line. Illustrating AC load banks up to 2000kW single phase and with both single and 3 phase resistive and re-active ratings

DC load banks ratings from 12V to 520V DC, for battery or charger testing up to 4000A

Battery Chargers rated for 24V, 50V, 110V battery systems.

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