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Mon January 27 2020

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Hoist-It Limited

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In 1985 Hoist-it Services was formed by Managing Director Gordon Gedling becoming a registered Limited Company in 1988. Over the following 25 years it has grown to become the UK’s premiere supplier of construction hoists to various industry sectors.

The year 2005 saw the company re-located to new strategically positioned and purpose built premises at Wigan, in order to further enhance its growing reputation as the industry market leaders. This relocation was brought about following a successful ‘Management Buy-In’ and Hoist-It Services was subsequently renamed Hoist-It Limited.

This provided the company with a platform to further significantly invest in it’s fleet to develop it’s already 1st Class products and service and is equipped with the very latest in hoist technology including an extensive range of modern Alimak Scando and 650 hoists.

It has been instrumental in raising industry standards with particular emphasis on safety aspects. Managing Director Gordon Gedling instigated and remains chairman of the 'Construction Hoist Interest Group”, which operates as a ‘Specialist Interest Group’ within the C.P.A., providing vital information regarding any new or proposed safety legislation from the E.E.C. or from the H.S.E.

The Hoist-It product range includes:

Passenger and Goods Hoists

We offer units that can carry up to 3200Kg and Hoists that can travel at high speed particularly useful on high rise projects. A number of Frequency Controlled units are available that offer savings on starting power requirements.

Twin Hoists

Single Hoist mast with 2 x Passenger/Goods Hoists operating fully independently. With the benefit of space saving and minimising the impact of mast tie connections to the building and saving on costs.

Combination Hoists

A single hoist mast that offers a passenger cage and a goods hoist with the same benefits as with the twin hoists.

Goods Only Hoists

We offer a range of Goods Only Hoists from 200Kg to 2500Kg. We specialise in large platform sizes of up to 4 metres in length. We also cater for specially designed platforms to suit individual requirements such as liftshafts.

Single Phase Platform Hoists

We offer a lightweight range of platform hoists, often referred to as builders or scaffold hoists. These units only require 240 volt power supplies and give a safe working load of up to 300Kg.

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