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Sat June 06 2020

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Ian W Harrison Fabrication Limited

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Ian W.Harrison Fabrication has been in the lifting business for over 20 years helping people with their lifting requirements supplying to both the end user and within the trade. The company has recently relocated to larger premises in Peterborough which is conveniently situated close to the A1 and A14 roads and is able to offer a nationwide service. Whether you are looking for loose lifting tackle, a standard item or a custom designed crane system. Overhead travelling cranes - Many models exist, all offering unique advantages according to the application. The single girder overslung crane, as illustrated, is possibly one of the most popular. Also available are double girder cranes and underslung cranes. Electrically motor driven end carriages and hoists provide effortless accuracy when lifting and positioning heavy components and plant in machine shops, factories, warehouses, loading bays etc. Multi-functional controls are usually housed in a single control box. Operational control can be via a suspended pendant, as illustrated, alternatively static pendant, radio control can be fitted. There are a number of safety devices i.e. limit switches, warning lights, horns and anti-collision units, available to guarantee operator and pedestrian safety. Heavy duty rail mounted floor travelling Goliath and Semi-Goliath cranes provide high capacity lifts over long distances, often found in heavy engineering or shipping environments. Turntables - Manually operated, Electrically operated, Pneumatically operated. Our standard model is 1000mm diameter and has a SWL of 2000kg. Larger sizes and capacities are available. Switches - Hand pull, Hand geared, Electrically operated, Pneumatically operated

Two way and three way switches are available with capacities ranging from 1 tonne up to 10 tonne. Latches - These can be manufactured to suit your specific beam size. They consist of an operating half and a non-operating half can be either manually or electrically operated. Specialised handling equipment -

SWL 1 tonne, Single bar with top lifting eye and 2-off lifting lugs, c/w 2-off lifting assemblies.

SWL 1.2 tonne, Single bar with top lifting eye and 2-off lifting lugs, c/w 4-off lifting assemblies.

SWL 1 tonne, \'H\' type with top lifting eye and 4-off lifting lugs, c/w 4-off lifting assemblies.

SWL 2 tonne, \'H\" with top lifting eye and 4-off lifting lugs, c/w 4-off lifting assemblies.

c/w shackle and swivel hook for use with spreader beams.

SWL 2 tonne, consisting of 2-off tunnels with 4-off lifting lugs, c/w 4-off lifting assemblies.

SWL 2 tonne, Up to 2 m EWL, comprising master link, length of chain, clevis self locking hook. Crane kits - If the downshop structure is already installed, the following parts are available for self erection (For sale to the end user and within the trade):

Crane bridges (complete) End carriages: (Overslung: Push, Geared, Electric), (Underslung: Push, Geared, Electric) Spare parts for hand geared cranes Crane control panels. Davits - We manufacture two piece davits which can be slewed under load.

Standard dimensions can be adjusted to suit your requirements, Specials manufactured if necessary,

Hot dipped galvanised as standard. Hoists - We can offer chain and wire rope hoists.

Capacities from 125-6,300kg,

Three phases electric chain hoists,

Low voltage control (24v),

Top and bottom limits,

Emergency stop,

Integrated frequency inverters for variable speed if required,

Double brake models available,

Capacities from 100-200kg

Single phase models especially for the building industry

Three phase models for industrial sites

Low voltage control (24v)

Top limits

Emergency stop.

Capacities from 1-100 tonne

Modular construction offering a wide range of foot mounted, fixed suspension, standard and low headroom monorail hoists and double girder crab units

Hoist motor is a parallel rotor, high torque squirrel cage machine specially rated for hoist duty

Long wearing and waterproof DC disc brakes

Top and bottom limits

Motor windings are to class F insulation, dust and damp proof enclosures to IP 54, temperature sensors embedded in the motor windings.

Compact epicyclic gearing greased and sealed for life

Power equalising and load balancing gives even loads on all planetary gears ensuring smooth, low friction operating

Gears rims, planetary wheels and pinions are made of high grade alloy steel, fully treated for high wear resistance.

Fully machined rope drum is supported in high quality ball bearings, greased and sealed for life

Main frame designed to allow easy attachment of components for monorail or crab application

Compact overall dimensions and hook approaches Load limiter, operation hour meter, load spectrum meter.

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