Ice Blasting Solutions

Fri June 05 2020

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Ice Blasting Solutions

0844 8115121

We are a professional company offering real Eco-friendly Ice Blast Cleaning within all types of industrial and domestic environments. Highly efficient and versatile, Dry Ice Blasting is a true industrial cleaning solution.

We have the latest in blast media equipment ensuring the highest levels of effectiveness in any required cleaning activity, whether it is light starch debris/build up or heavy tar/glue residues built up over a period of time.

Dry Ice Blasting can clean without surface erosion; this will have a dramatic saving in man hours and the costs in relation to hazardous chemical substances. It will also eliminate the potential damage to machine parts whilst eliminating secondary waste streams.

Ice Blasting Solutions uses the power of dry ice blasting to bring winning solutions with a wide range of applications including :

Bitumen Removal

Concrete Mould Cleaning

Contract Cleaning

Construction Equipment Cleaning

Construction Material Cleaning

Construction Plant Cleaning

General Maintenance

Graffiti Removal

Historical Restoration

Mould Remediation

Roofing Restoration

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Tel: 0844 8115121

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