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Tue June 02 2020

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Inca Digital Printers Limited

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The idea behind Inca Digital, like all the best ideas, came from customers. When the founders were at Cambridge Consultants, customers asked if it was possible to print packaging at the end of production lines.

A sample printer was made and it became obvious that there was a clear opportunity to develop a similar machine for the display and signage markets. A specification was drawn up, a business plan put together and Venture Capital funding secured. Inca Digital Printers began trading in its own right on May 24th 2000. In 2005 Inca was acquired by Dainippon Screen of Kyoto. Inca's R&D roots continue to play a vital part in the business. The successful marriage of this R&D mentality with an astute commercial awareness, go some way to explaining the success that Inca Digital is enjoying.

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