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Tue June 02 2020

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Infocom Systems

01273 593300

Infocom Systems specialises in the provision of vandal resistant, weatherproof and intrinsically safe information and communication products and systems.

Our offerings have met the needs of Transport, Energy, Government, Healthcare and other communities around the world, where effective and secure customer information and internal communications systems are essential.

All our products are certified to relevant Type Approval and Intrinsic Safety Standards.

Our product range inculdes:

TLA 346 E5A

Weatherproof telephone with 14 - button keypad

TLC 346 E5A

Weatherproof telephone without keypad

TLA 346 E6A

Weatherproof telephone (14 - button) with 1 memory

TLA 346 E7A

Weatherproof telephone (14 - button) with 2 memory

TLA 346 E10A

Weatherproof telephone with 15 - button) keypad ,

hands - free , telemaintenance

TLM 346 E1A

Local battery , low impedance weatherproof telephone

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Melbourne House
119 Surrenden Road

Tel: 01273 593300

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