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Sun May 31 2020

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Interfuse Limited

0844 334 8701

Interfuse Ltd is a family run business, established in 1965 for the manufacture of precast masonry blocks at locations in Syston and Gainsborough.

The Syston Plant is one of the most modern in the UK, allowing the production of dense and lightweight blocks in a range of sizes, in solid, cellular and hollow format with standard and close textured finishes, distributed through Builders\' Merchants to Customers\' throughout the country.

Interfuse is an accredited manufacturer of Optilyte blocks and has been selected on its ability to produce to a high quality specification.

Quality and Service is the principle objective, which has resulted in Customer\'s awareness of dealing with a Company of reliability that supplies an important share of the UK Block Market.

Our prodcut range inculdes the following: Interlyte Masonry Units, Light to medium weight units, Manufactured from selected FBA & other lightweight materials,

Available, solid, cellular and hollow forms,

General purpose all round performance units,

Work Face 440mm x 215mm,

Strengths 2.9 - 17.5 N/mm2,

Standard material for plastering / rendering,

Close texture for walls built fair or painted

Standards BS EN771-3 and associated test standards. Interlyte-Ultra Masonry Unit, Ultra Lightweight Aggregate Masonry Units

Available in Solid format

Excellent key for plastering/rendering/ drylining

Low Dry Shrinkage

Easy to work, cut and chase

Fire Resistance Euroclass A1 ISO 1182

High Thermal Insulating Performance

Unit Weight less than 20 KG HSE Guidelines on continuous manual handling

Manufactured to BS EN 771-3 and Associated Test Standards. Optilyte Insulation Units, Manufactured From MAXIT LWA

High Insulating Value

Ultra Lightweight Material

Low Unit Weight Complies With HSE Guidelines on Manual Handling

Reduces Loads on Floors and Structure

High Fire Resistance

Very Low Movement Factor

Manufactured To Comply With BS EN 771-3 And Associated Test Standards

Work Face 440mm x 215mm. Intercrete Masonry Units, Manufactured from Natural Aggregates

High Strengths 3.6 - 40N/mm2

High Density - Excellent Sound Reduction

Available Solid, Cellular, Hollow Forms

Work face 440mm x 215mm

Standard Material for Plastering/ Rendering

Close Texture for Walls built fair or Painted

Robust all round Masonry Block

Standards EN 771-3 & associated test standards. Intercrete Domino Masonry Units, Weight less than 20kg

Complies with HSE guidelines on manual handling

30% lighter than solid equivalent

Reduces loads on floors and structure

Cellular format closed edge uppermost for easy mortar bedding

Mortar Key to cores assists wall stability

Manufactured to BS EN 771-3 & Associated Test Standards. Intercrete Midi Masonry Units, Low Unit Weight, less than 20kg

Complies with HSE Guidelines on Manual Handling

Design flexibility with 140mm width

Wide range of compressive strengths 7.3 - 40N/mm2

Performance Characteristics identical to conventional solid Intercrete Units

Available as standard or close texture paint grade version

Manufactured to BS EN 771-3 & Associated Test Standards. Foundation Units, Cost Savings Compared to Brick Unit in Solid Walling

Dimensions to Provide Variable Cavity Wall Sizes

High Productivity, One Unit Equal to 12 Brick Units

No Cavity to Form, No Wall Ties

Saving in Quantity of Mortar Used

Units are Durable, Low Wastage

Unit Weight less than 20Kg

Manufactured to BS EN 771-3 & Associated Test Standards.

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