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Mon June 17 2019

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Invasive Vegetation Management & Treatment (IVM) offer tailor made eradication programs for Japanese knotweed, Giant Knotweed, Hybrid Knotweed and Giant Hogweed.

IVM offer guaranteed eradication of Japanese Knotweed (JK) using the advanced IVM 'FAST' System, this system uses the latest application techniques and scientific research to ensure complete eradication of Japanese knotweed, Giant Knotweed and Hybrid Knotweed.

Invasive Vegetation Management services include:

A free 2 year monitoring program

An optional 10 year insured guarantee

Expect site assessment

A follow up report and proposal in the form of a Japanese Knotweed management plan which includes consideration of the options and an explanation as to how the recommended action was arrived at

A detailed costs analysis

If relevant to circumstances an appropriate warranty for the work and the option of an insured guarantee

IVM offer a fully managed excavation service, we can also supply the machinery, plant and operatives needed for the job, allowing the client to hand over a knotweed contaminated site, and receive a clean site ready for development within a defined timescale. We can arrange everything from mapping to haulage to clean backfill, all at competitive prices, anywhere in the country.

Membrane/Root Barrier Systems:

IVM can supply and install a full range of membrane and root barrier systems, mainly used to prevent an invasive weeds, such as Japanese knotweed spreading onto a clean site once treatments are complete. Root barriers can be installed vertically or horizontally, and are usually used in partnership with a treatment program.

Key Benefits of the IVM Membrane/Root Barrier Solutions:

Tailor made solution for your site

Fast and effective

On-going protection for your site

Supervised Excavation Technology:

Invasive Vegetation Management can supply a fully trained member of staff to oversee and advise during Japanese knotweed excavation, with a member of IVM on site during these operations it can vastly reduce the volume of soil that requires removal, therefore vastly reducing your costs and your environmental impact.

Key Benefits of the Supervised Excavation Service:

Reduce volume of soil leaving site

Environmentally friendly - less to landfill

Ideal for sites with plant and machinery available on-site

Stem Injection Systems:

Stem Injection differs from traditional herbicidal treatment methods which are applied to the surface of the leaves of the plant, stem injection methods inject specific quantities of herbicide directly into the stem of the plant.

Key Benefits of Stem Injection Systems:

Not weather dependant

Environmentally friendly

No damage is caused to surround vegetation


Our clients are always letting us know how happy they are with our service, shown below are a selection of testimonials given by our clients:

"I have always found IVM to be a highly professional organisation, offering expert advice and completing all work to a high standard at the price quoted".

Vince Buchanan - Green Space Contract Manager

London Borough of Lewisham Council

"IVM delivered their promise and eradicated the Japanese Knotweed, delivered to the agreed program and we would use IVM again".

Geoff Cross - Director - TCH (UK) Ltd

"Sites have been treated by IVM using the 'Fast' System. We have found this system to have 100% success rate in eradicating Japanese Knotweed within the desired timescale"

Lief Law - Quality and Performance Manager - Lewisham Homes

"Your operators were efficient and very knowledgeable, arriving when they said they would and carrying out their task in an unobtrusive manner. I was kept in the loop regarding progress and was very happy with the final result".

Stuart Markham - Facilities Manager - Contemplation Homes Limited

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