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J P Concrete Products Ltd

Tue March 19 2019

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J P Concrete Products Ltd

01273 646450

JP Concrete supply a range of high quality precast concrete products; including precast concrete retaining walls, pre-stressed concrete panels, freestanding concrete wall units, concrete security barriers and concrete channels.


Bolt Down Units range from 1000mm to 3800mm and are 1000mm wide. They are fixed to a concrete foundation slab using bolts and a high performance resin.

Cast In Units range from 1000mm to 3800mm and are 1000mm wide. These are manufactured with the reinforcement protruding from the toe of the unit and are cast into a concrete floor slab. This alleviates the necessity for any additional fixing detail or framework. The toe of the unit is cast into the floor slab meaning there is no obstruction for buckets and machinery.

Free Standing Units range from 2400mm to 3600mm and are 1200mm wide. These units are designed with forklift holes for easy manoeuvrability. They have no toe meaning there is no obstruction for buckets and machinery.

Heavy Duty Units range from 1000mm to 4000mm and are 1000mm wide. They are either cast into a concrete floor slab, or can be fixed down to an existing slab using bolts and a high performance resin. These units are suitable where there are excessive loads being applied.


We can supply our pre-stressed concrete wall panels in a range of sizes;

Thicknesses 101mm, 150mm and 180mm

Heights 500mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm

Lengths made to order from 1000mm up to 6100mm

Pre-stressed concrete panels are an extremely versatile precast concrete product and can be installed horizontally to span between steel columns, or vertically to form a cantilever wall.


Our concrete barriers are 2500mm long and weigh approximately 1.8 tonnes they can be purchased or hired. They have forklift holes cast into them to enable manoeuvring them on site. We can deliver them on a craned vehicle which will place the barriers for you. The concrete barriers are ideal for securing vacant sites such as industrial units or building sites. The concrete barriers can either be purchased or can be supplied on a flexible hire base.

Our products lend themselves to a range of applications; Precast Concrete Retaining Walls, Precast Concrete Warehouse Walls, Precast Concrete Bunker Walls, Precast Concrete Tanks, Precast Concrete Recycling Bunkers, Precast Concrete Ground Retaining Walls, Precast Concrete Firewalls, Precast Concrete Security Walls, Precast Concrete Push Walls. Aggregate Bay Walls, Aggregate Bay Walling, Bulk Storage Bay Walls, Bulk Storage Bay Walling, Bulk Storage Bunkers, Storage Bunkers, Recycling Bay Walls, Recycling Bay Walling, Car Park Walls, Car Park Walling, Security Walls, Security Walling, Fertilizer Storage Walls, Fertilizer Storage Walling, Grain Storage Walls, Grain Store, Grain Stores, Grain Storage Walling, Salt Storage Walls, Salt Storage Walling, Waste Storage Walls, Waste Storage Walling, Coal Storage Walls, Coal Storage Walling, Soil Retaining Walls, Soil Retaining Walling, Earth Retaining Walls, Earth Retaining Walling, Earth Retention Walls, Earth Retention Walling, Watercourse Management Walls, Watercourse Management Walling, Temporary Walls, Temporary Retaining Walls, Temporary Walling, Muck Walls, Muck Walling, Slurry Walls, Slurry Walling, Silage Bay Walls, Silage Bay Walling, Bunded Compound Walls, Bunded Compound Walling, Partition Walls, Partition Walling, Waste Storage Walls, Waste Storage Walling, Silage Clamps, Silage Clamp, Slurry Stores, Slurry Stores, Salt Barns, Salt Barn, Precast Concrete Security Barriers, Freestanding Concrete Retaining Walls, Freestanding Walls, Slurry Channels, Concrete Channels, Concrete Barrier Hire, Concrete Barriers for Hire, Precast Concrete Wall Panels, Prestressed concrete panels, Concrete Security Barriers, Earth Retaining Walls, Concrete Channels, Freestanding Concrete Wall.

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