Tue October 15 2019

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EPDM is available to a maximum size of 15 x 30 metres, so can easily accommodate most domestic flat roofs and commercial flat roofs in a single sheet one piece seamless flat roof installation. No joints or seams - No possibility of flat roof leaks

EPDM flat roof cost is very competitive with traditional flat roofing felts initially, but is by the better investment because once installed there no need for further flat roof maintenance and with an expected life of 50 years or more, you will have confidence in a flat roof coating that will last. Constantly replacing flat roof felts is expensive to say the least, but a flat roof membrane ensures significant savings and better still, value for money. There is no substitute for peace of mind in a proven quality product with outstanding flat roofing waterproofing characteristics. EPDM the cost effective flat roof covering that is tough, durable and will give years of faultless service if fitted in the correct manner as per our DVD flat roof guide.

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