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Tue September 25 2018

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KeFax Ltd

01623 422099

KeFax is a complete resource for engineer managers in the Electricity Supply Industry (ESI).

We have: - Over 300 very experienced Technical Associate Power Engineers with a vast amount of accumulated experience across all ESI disciplines - Coordinated by former ESI technical training professionals.

We supply:

nElectrical power training

nEngineering competence management software utility engineer skills databases

nNVQ assessment

nOpen learning Scheme design and management (including CBT authoring and multi-media consultancy)

nShort term contractor agency

nPower industry professional learning support ‘Phone/Fax Hotline Help

nPlant and equipment specific maintenance courses - generation transmission distribution skills development

nGraduate and Technician Training

Engineering competence management software

Instant electronic access to detailed financial reports and cost breakdowns is now taken for granted in the ESI but what about equivalent access to your skills data?

We offer a full supply, support and consultancy service for a range of software tools and ESI-specific skills databases designed to facilitate all aspects of skills management. See utility engineer skills databases

Power industry professional learning support - e-mail phone/fax Hotline Help

A free telephone/fax service, offering professional advice and support for any aspect of training within the ESI sourcing, media, delivery, costing and so on.

Generation transmission distribution skills development Courses

Getting in contact with KeFax Ltd

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Tel: 01623 422099

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