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Tue October 22 2019

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KpH Environmental Services Limited

01883 346604

KpH Environmental provides a unique range

of environmental engineering services.

Our expertise is focused on the cleaning, remediation, dismantling and safe disposal of potentially hazardous structures and built environment systems. From the remediation of contaminated land, to the dismantling of fuel and chemical storage systems, to the safe disposal of hazardous liquids and waste; KpH Environmental has the unique expertise to help clean, protect and sustain our environment.

KpH Environmental Services offer a turnkey solution to collecting, removing and disposing of Commercial and Industrial waste. Our unique expertise in the environmental cleaning and removal of fuels, chemicals and other potentially hazardous materials means we have the appropriate equipment, licenses and practical �know how� to safely and correctly carry out this legislatively complex area of work.

Whether it�s the uplift and disposal of contaminated water, the collection of hazardous drums or the excavation and removal of contaminated soil; KpH will ensure all materials are disposed of or re-cycled in the safest and most environmentally sound manner and in strict accordance with our BSI EN ISO 14001:2004 environmental accreditation.

Our Service Includes;

Collection and disposal of hazardous and non hazardous waste (including fly tipped materials)

Uplift and disposal of contaminated water & liquids

Uplift and disposal of fuels (petrols, oils, diesels, paraffin�s, etc)

Emptying and cleaning of interceptors, bunds, fuel storage areas, septic tank / cess pools, treatement plants and drainage systems

Collection and disposal of commercial, industrial, pharmaceutical waster and effluents

Management and disposal of batteries, lamps and florescent tubes

Supply and collection of skips and bins

Removal of drums, containerised and packaged waste

Marine bilge and specialist cleaning

Pest control, proofing works and removal of guano (bird waste)

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Tel: 01883 346604

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