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Mon July 16 2018

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LFS Connection Systems Limited

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LFS Connection Systems Ltd provide the revolutionary Kodi Klip Rebar Connection System to the UK.

Kodi Klip is a polycarbonate plastic clip used for rebar tying. The Kodi Klip System allows you to pneumatically press re-inforced polycarbonate plastic clips onto re-bars to make an extremely quick and solid rebar connection.

The principles of the systems are as follows:

Kodi Klip Finishes Faster:

With capabilities of clipping well over 1000 clips per hour once the steel is laid out, the speed of the system is second-to-none. Our system enables steel fixers to make more connections faster and move on to the next job quicker. Reloading or changing the tool takes only a few seconds and is extremely simple.

Current methods such as hand tying, welding or electric tying guns are labour intensive and very slow compared to Kodi Klip which makes for cost savings and more profit for your company.

It offers huge time savings as it is around 2.5 times faster than the next quickest tool on the market.

Kodi Klip Finishes Better:

Kodi Klips grip tight and are extremely strong which creates stable connections that eliminate the need for any re-tying after transporting cages from steel fixing to casting areas in all but extreme conditions.

Until now, nothing on the market has been able to offer such rigidity except welding which not only comes with a host of health and safety issues, it affects the composition of the bar causing problems with CARES not to mention potentially dangerous if not correctly done.

The four-point grip enables re-bar cages to remain intact and in place even with the weight of being walked on or lifted. Our non-corrosive clips deliver consistent holding power to each connection.

Kodi Klips also discourage oxidation of rebar, adding to the life expectancy of concrete products and reducing spauling by ensuring concrete cover is not reduced by pieces of exposed, highly corrosive tying wire.

Kodi Klip Finishes Safer:

Kodi Klip installation tools promote healthy arm and wrist functions by vastly reducing the repetitive strain (RSI) associated with wire tying. Workers who use the system report that it is easier on their bodies than traditional methods, enabling them to accomplish more. The hand vibration figures are so low they can barely be measured meaning that workers can use the tools for long periods of time without risk of exceeding health and safety guidelines.

The clips themselves have no sharp barbs or points like wire does. Over welding, the implications are vast, not only in saved time but operation of the system produces no harmful fumes, heat or intense light that compromises workmen’s well-being. The pneumatic tool has safety devices built in to avoid accidental firing and comes with full European CE approval.

Product Availability:

Kodi Klip's are available in a full range of size's to inculde bar combinations from 6mm over 10mm to 16mm over 16mm plus a range of combination sizes in between.

We are currently working on a 20mm range that is expected by mid 2011.

We are also working on 6mm and 8mm main bar clips, along with a butane gas firing tool similar to the Paslode system which will make the guns fully portable for site work.

All Kodi Klip products will be stocked at our Doncaster warehouse and are exclusively available from LFS Connection Systems Ltd in the UK and Ireland.

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