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Mon December 09 2019

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At Liverpool Bulkbags we are committed to offering a premium service, striving to provide competitive prices at all times.

We are considered to be the regions leading industrial and commercial packaging supplier. Providing industrial packaging solutions to companies across the uk and beyond.

We are proud to state that by working together and listening to our customers needs.

We are devoted to bringing you the right product at the right price. Our reliability, commitment and high service standards has kept our customers fully satisfied, coming back to us over and over, not to mention recommendation that builds our customer base.

Established in 1996, Liverpool Bulkbags has gown steadily to become the solid and reputable company we are today. Over the years we have seen many rivals come and go, be assured that Liverpool Bulkbags are here to stay!

Being an established company of course we are aware that all customers are prone to "Shop around" - we have found that once your packaging has been provided by Liverpool Bulkbags you will always return. As you may already know when someone offers the cheapest price it is never sustained and often sharply increases on subsequent orders also the quality is never as promised. At Liverpool Bulkbags we are committed to providing to providing the best quality at the best prices at all times not just to gain a first order. Our customers stay because of our commitment, reliability and high service which comes as standard practice.

At Liverpool Bulkbags we only supply what you actually need with no hard sell tactics. We give the best possible advice free of charge.

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers also known as Bulkbags, can be a user friendly and environmentally safe solution to all your packaging needs at an affordable price.

Made from Polypropylene an environmentally safe and strong vinyl plastic developed in 1954 by Nobel Prize winner Giulio Natta. Bulkbags come in a range of sizes and types, and because of the strength and versatility of the product they can be re-used allowing the customer the choice of new or redundant bags and therefore giving more flexibility in pricing.

Bulkbags come in a variety of different types this includes the specification of the filling options available, please see the diagram to the left for different filling solutions. Each solution has its own uses depending on the application of the bag. For example the open top and skirt bags can be used for a wide variety of applications such as refractory products, quarry materials, plastics, scrape metals, etc. The tops of skirt bags can be tied allowing for safe and effective storage or transportation of products within the bag.

The inlet spout solution and cone top are ideal for applications such as dust, and powder collection these bags are usually used for powdery substances, lime, talc and diatomaceous earth, the spouts come in a variety of sizes and can be filled with funnel like system's.

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