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Sun May 31 2020

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Maccaferri Ltd is the United Kingdom subsidiary of the worldwide Maccaferri Industrial group with headquarters in Bologna, Italy. Maccaferri was established in 1879 and has offices and manufacturing facilities in over 20 countries worldwide. Traditionally known as the market leader in double twist wire mesh Gabions and Reno mattresses, Maccaferri Ltd has extended its product range significantly and works within the following application areas:

Retaining Structures, Erosion Protection, Slope Reinforcement, Pavements, Basal Platforms, At Maccaferri, we are not just material suppliers to the construction industry. We add value to your project team by offering sound engineering solutions with in-depth technical and design support for our products. Our expertise in soil bioengineering and vegetation techniques enables us to enhance the environmental aspects of your project.

From offices in Oxford, Perth, Belfast and Dublin and supported by our in house team of Geotechnical Specialists, Erosion and Ecology Specialists and Civil Engineers, Maccaferri offer an unrivalled product range to the construction industry, through a series of exclusive distribution agreements with:

Acheson & Glover

Anchor Wall Systems


Colbond Geosynthetics


Linear Composites

Maccaferri has been producing WIRAND� steel fibres for more than 25 years and we are pleased to introduce a new range into the UK. WIRAND� steel fibres are used for various specialist applications that benefit improvements made to conventional concrete mixes:

improved tensile strength

significant improvement to impact resistance

enhanced fire protection properties

reduced shrinkage cracking

improved freeze / thaw durability

These benefits are particularly useful for the following applications, where Maccaferri have an ongoing research and development program to ensure the best products and technical support are available:

Fibre reinforced concrete floors

Fibre reinforced sprayed concrete

Fibre reinforced precast concrete

To support the use of WIRAND� steel fibres Maccaferri also manufacture a range of dosage machines to ensure accurate quantities of fibres are added.

Maccaferri also supply a comprehensive range of alternative steel fibres and composite fibres for reinforcing concrete.

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