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Thu November 14 2019

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Mansfield Painting Contractors

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Mansfield Painting Contractors Limited, provides on-site and off-site Blasting, Painting and Fire-Protection services to the following key markets:


Mansfield Painting Contractors Limited undertakes both on-site and off-site Shot Blasting, High Pressure Water Blasting and application of specialised coating systems. Within this industry the company has carried out major works under project and maintenance contracts throughout the United Kingdom.


The company has carried out extensive On-Site and Off-Site works for major engineering companies by shotblasting and painting structural steel. The company also applies specialised fire protection coatings. Recent events have led to a major rethink of fire safety and conventional fire protection materials suitability for high-rise applications. Attention is now being focused on whether passive fireproofing systems designed to resist the far more damaging effects of an intense hydrocarbon fire (oil, fuel or similar) should be considered for certain high-rise buildings that may be considered ‘high risk’. As a result the company is expecting an increase in demand for this application.

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