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Wed October 23 2019

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We Make Bulk Materials Handling Cleaner, Safer and More Productive Through Personalised Performance. Martin Engineering is the leading global supplier of systems to make the handling of bulk materials cleaner, safer, and more productive. Since its founding in 1944, the company has grown dramatically through the development of solutions to help the solids-handling industries around the world.

Martin Engineering's success can be attributed to the development of practical, field-proven, cost-effective answers for "real life" problems. MARTIN� Products are designed for tough industrial conditions; they are built to allow easy maintenance; they are engineered for simplicity, cleanliness, safety, and efficiency; they are personalized to meet each customer's unique requirements.

Martin Engineering is the world�s leading developer and manufacturer of engineered belt cleaning systems. In this position, Martin Engineering has developed fundamental principles of cleaner design that have set standards for cleaner engineering and performance.

Generally, this philosophy calls for belt cleaners that are:

As far forward (as close to the conveyor discharge) as possible.

Positioned out of the material flow.

Designed to minimize risk to belt, splice, and cleaner itself.

Designed to stand up to �worst case� conditions.

Designed for ease of maintenance, including simple blade replacement and reduced frequency of re-tensioning.

To provide effective cleaning, Martin Engineering is the pioneer of the Multiple Cleaner System, consisting of


Installed on the face of the head pulley below the discharge trajectory, this cleaner uses low pressure to remove approximately 75 to 90 percent of the residual material.

Secondary Cleaner(s)

Installed at the point where the belt leaves the head (discharge) pulley, or further along the return where space permits, these systems remove the remaining material. Additional (tertiary) cleaners are installed as required by conditions.

The multiple-cleaner system originally adopted by Martin Engineering is now the standard for applications on belt conveyors carrying all types of bulk materials around the world. End-users (and other cleaner manufacturers) have accepted it almost universally.

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