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Mon February 18 2019

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Mezzaine International Limited

01622 872871

Mezzanine International designs, manufactures and installs mezzanine floors for sites mainly in Europe, but as far afield as South America. Its mezzanines, platforms and conveyor support structures, whether single or multi-level, are individually designed for specific locations and uses.

Mezzanine International is an ISO 9001 registered company.

Mezzanine's structures include storage use mezzanine floors, production use mezzanines, office use mezzanines, retail use mezzanines and plant platforms.

Mezzanine's conveyor support structures are used in a wide variety of locations, including warehouses and distribution centres, to enable automated flow and sortation of goods. For postal services and in airports, steel support structures facilitate the sortation of parcels and baggage handling, limiting the disruption which conveyors can cause to traffic flow on the main floor levels.

Warehouses, distribution centres, cold stores, manufacturing plants, airports, retail and commercial units are all locations where Mezzanine's structures ensure better use of space and so help clients to save money and increase profitability.

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Tel: 01622 872871

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