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Mon February 18 2019

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Micromet Limited

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MICROMET Ltd was one of the first companies in the UK to offer Laser Cutting and now has over two decades experience, manufacturing a broad range of customer specific, rapid turn round parts from minute precision electrical components to robust automotive parts.

Laser cutting is being used for an increasing number of applications in sheet metal processing. High levels of production flexibility and virtually unlimited diversity of materials and shapes make it an indispensible profiling process.

High precision of the dimensions and minimum heat distortion of the sheet parts are just two of the advantages that convince the user of the first class cutting results.

Micromet now have the latest in bending technology. Having installed a Bystonic 150 tonne press brake we can offer a 'one stop shop' for all engineering applications. We also can linnish, grind and lap, drill and tap.

Laser Cutting Tolerances in mm

General Cutting Tolerance

+/-0.1 (+/-0.05 is achievable if required)

Minimum Hole Size for material < 3mm


1 x material thickness

Maximum Sheet Sizes

3000mm x 1500mm

Precision tolerances may be improved with development, and are subject to feature geometry, material type and thickness.

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