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Sun February 23 2020

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Modern Architectural Practice

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Architecture and Interior Design: Modern Architectural Practice draws expertise from their regular consultant team to assist in developing their ideas into realistic projects from their office.

COSTS: The development of a project has to be continually monitored for its cost efficiency, and the project is within suggested cost limits. This monitoring is done by qualified Chartered Surveyors to ensure that the Client gets value for money.

ENGINEERING: When the concept for the building has been established, the contribution of a Structural Engineer is invaluable to ensure that concept becomes reality. Often the alteration of a historic building or the addition to an existing building will require structural work. The Structural Engineer ensures that whatever is constructed is safe and true to the original concept.

SERVICES: How the building is serviced is provided by Mechanical and Electrical Engineers. A building can best be described as a living body or organ. By ensuring that the electrical and mechanical services are properly identified and provided for, a building can function for many years without too much maintenance.

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