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Fri February 28 2020

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Monksview Demolition Limited

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Monksview Demolition Ltd is a company with a long track record of providing cost-effective demolition, strip-out asbestos removal solutions to a large range of industries.

Formed in 1973 by Charles Britton, the company continues to operate nationally as a family-owned business, still headed by it's founder. Monksview Demolition Ltd is a member of the Monksview Group of Companies. It's sister companies include Monksview Ltd, Monksview Plant Hire Ltd, Monksview Demo Ltd and Monkwise Ltd GolfClub.

Monksview Demolition Ltd operates nationally in all sectors of the construction industry and includes companies such as Alfred McAlpine, Kier Group, Gleeson, Costain-Skanska and Christian Salvesen on it's valued client list.

The range of projects undertaken by the company stretches from �1,000 agricultural demolitions right through to projects such as the demolition and strip-out of Coventry's lower precinct shopping centre valued at �1.2 M.

The company currently operates from it's long established Head Office in Lincolnshire, a satellite office in Leicestershire and a second satellite office about to be brought on-line in Cambridgeshire.

Experience, as in all walks of life, has taught Monksview Demolition Ltd many things. Success has been based on customer service, dedication to safety, reliability and competitiveness.

Employees all receive regular relevant training which is considered key to the good running of the business. Registration with the CITB and it's National Demolition Training Group ensures all operatives carry the CITB Certificate of Competence of Demolition Operaties (CSCS) and all machine operators carry the necessary Operators Certificate of Competence (CPCS).

Monksview Demolition Ltd and Charles Britton are active members of the Contractors Mechanical Plant Engineers Association, The National Federation of Demolition Contractors, The Institute of Demolition Engineeers, The National Association of Demolition Contractors and even internationally recognised bodies such as the American Demolition contractors institute and the European Demolition Association.

Accreditation to ISO 9001:2000 has also been achieved with a UKAS registered body.

The company operates a Health and Safety Policy and an Environmental Policy, which is made the responsibility of all employees. An employment policy and equal opportunities policy are also very important features of the way business is conducted.

Monksview Demolition Ltd carries a Contractor�s Liability Policy, which covers Employer�s Liability at �10,000,000 and Public & Products Liability at �5,000,000, with the option of increases in the indemnity limit upon request.

In recent years demolition contracts have moved away from simply a package within the main contractor�s remit, to a stand-alone main contract in itself. Monksview Demolition Ltd has a great deal of experience in this field having taken on the role of principle contractor on numerous occasions. This form of procurement often involves the company in other enabling works such as temporary buildings, building modification or refurbishment, fencing, service diversions etc. Again the company has had much success in this field.

Monksview Demolition Ltd prides itself on being able to adapt to changing requirements in the market and more importantly the environment. It is clear that companies who will enjoy the greatest success in the future are those that can offer a full service of recycling of all materials. The UK compares well with some European countries such as France and Germany in terms of the percentage of demolition waste that is recycled or re-used. Best estimates are that the domestic industry reclaims and recycles 45% of its waste. However, nations such as Holland operate at much higher levels where 90% of waste is recycled or re-used.

All demolition work carried out by the company is done so in accordance with The Demolition Code of Practice BS 6187:2000, in conjunction with relevant HSE guidance. Method statements, risk assessments and a program of works is always submitted as a matter of course.

Monksview Demolition Ltd is in an excellent position to grow in a sensible and sustainable way such that customer satisfaction may be yet further improved.

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