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Mon January 27 2020

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Mr Cropper

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Mr Cropper is the UK’s premier supplier of hydraulic pile croppers to construction, civil & piling contractors working on basement and foundation projects.

Mr Cropper design and build all of their own croppers, offer a reliable, nationwide delivery service by fully-trained service engineers and provide on-site assistance throughout the UK.

Mr Cropper’s 8 different croppers in the fleet offer solutions for a wide variety of cropping applications and can cope with a diverse range of pile cutting tasks.

4-Jaw Cropper

The 4 Jaw Cropper, used for cutting cast in-situ piles from 300mm – 1200mm leaving the rebar intact, has been designed for all four blades to move together. This means no alterations have to be made on site to the cropper when cutting two different sizes of pile. The 4 Jaw Cropper is ideally suited for contiguous pile cropping.

Single Bar Pile Cropper

The Single Bar Pile Cropper is ideal for cutting square, pre-cast, single reinforcement bar piles. It is lowered onto the pile and using the excavator’s in-board hydraulics to operate the jaw, it cuts the pile every 200mm, causing the concrete to break away, exposing the rebar and a level finish.

Power Cropper

The Power Cropper is a very powerful machine specially designed to be used trenches and other confined spaces to cut pre-cast four bar piles. It is used by being suspended from the dipper arm of an excavator to either break off the pile and rebar in one go and rapidly reduce the pile to the desired level, or ‘nibble’ the pile causing the concrete to fracture, leaving the rebar exposed.

Multi-Bar Cropper

The Multi-Bar Cropper is designed for cutting square pre-cast piles with up to eight rebar.It is suspended from the dipper arm of a 360° excavator and is powered by the excavator’s in-board hydraulics. The cropper is lowered over the pile in 300m increments until the required level is achieved.

Trench Cutter

The Trench Cutter is used for cutting 300 – 400mm piles in a trench of only 700mm wide. This machine is unique to Mr Cropper and has become a favourite with Housing Groundworks Contractors who fully appreciate the savings the Trench Cutter offers on concrete, by keeping house footings to a minimum, compared to other Croppers on the market.

CFA Cropper

The CFA Cropper cuts cast in-situ circular concrete piles from 300mm diameter to 1200mm. Its modular design allows it to be adjusted to suit different pile sizes on site. The CFA pile cropper reduces the average 300mm circular pile to your required level in as little as 3 minutes, compared to an average 45 minutes when manually cut using hammers and breakers.

Contiguous Cropper (No Longer exists, been replaced by 4 Jaws)

The Contiguous Cropper, designed especially for continuous pile walls and with an open configuration, cuts each pile down from the two exposed sides allowing unobstructed movement along the piles.

CHD Cropper

The CHD Cropper has been especially designed to suit CHD or ‘corkscrew’ piles and, in some cases, can be used for contiguous or seacant piles. This unique cropper has the power and strength to remove the outside fins of the pile whilst leaving the rebar intact.

HD435 Super Heavy Duty Circular Pile Cropper. The HD435 Super Heavy Duty Circular Pile Cropper is suitable for cutting large, round concrete piles from 1200mm to 2100mm. The cropper is a pinned modular design which offers maximum flexibility allowing it to be adjusted to suit different pile sizes on site

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