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Sat June 06 2020

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N D Technology Ltd

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Pile Integrity Evaluation Services by:

* Relative Impulse Response (RIR)

* Frequency Response

* Parallel Seismic

Pile Load Settlement Analysis and Prediction

* Forward prediction from SI

* Forward prediction from MicroWap (low strain prediction)

* Forward prediction by SASW

Geophysical Surveying

* SASW method

Piling Rig Instrumentation, Control and Monitoring Equipment

* PL20/CFA monitoring system

* PL2000/CFA control and monitoring system

* Driven Piling Rig instrumentation

* Soil Mixing instrumentation

Vibration Monitoring Consultancy & Equipment Hire

* Portable, ruggedised vibration monitors for hire

* Diagnosis, consultancy and advice on vibration problems

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