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Thu January 23 2020

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National Pile Croppers Ltd

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National Pile Croppers (NPC) are the industry leader for the manufacture and hire of Pile Croppers throughout the UK.

Offering uncompromising service and best rates, we are confident your project will benefit from our knowledge and enthusiasm, ensuring you have the correct cropper for the purpose delivered on time every time.

8 Cropper types to help you efficiently and safely reduce any pile type.

Quad Jaw Cropper best for round augured (debonded) piles in bearing or contiguous formations from 300mm to 1200mm diameter. A very small footprint with 4 synchronised jaws which leave a superb pile finish. Minimum 13T excavator requirement.

Power Cropper for rapid reduction of square pre-cast piles from 200mm-400mm. Cutting through reinforcement to quickly clear your site or nibbling to expose for tie in.

Minimum 13T excavator.

Contiguous Cropper for contig and secant piled walls this extremely versatile cropper is also used on sites where piles are in trench’s or tight spaces - 300mm to 600mm diameter. Will fit between adjacent piles with spacing of less than 100mm. Hydraulic flow control ensures jaws remain synchronised to provide an even finish.

Minimum 8T excavator.

Single Bar Cropper designed only for piles with (usually 1 to 3 rebar) reinforcement in the centre of the pile, generally Roger Bullivant or Van Elle. Great for narrow trenches and house foundations. Adjustment for pile sizes 200mm to 300mm.

Minimum 6T excavator.

CFA Cropper modular design which is manually adjusted with full and half links to achieve pile sizes from 300mm to 1200mm diameter. Best for deep excavations or where space is not an issue and for bonded piles.

8T to 21T excavators.

Heavy Duty CFA Cropper again modular in design but much heavier links and cylinders to enable reduction of huge pile sizes from 900mm to 2.5m diameter.

Excavators from 21T.

Multi-Bar Cropper used to reduce square precast piles 200mm to 400mm with multiple reinforcement bars which are required to remain intact.

6T excavator and above.

Dual Cropper for any precast pile where space and excavator size are an issue. Excellent finish quality given by two cutting blades. Pile sizes from 200mm to 300mm.

Minimum 8T excavator.

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