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Fri December 06 2019

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Nottingham Ready Mix Limited

0845 168 5890

Established as a primary provider of ready mix concrete for the Construction and Engineering industries Nottingham Ready Mix Ltd are fully committed to meeting clients needs across the region.

With our fleet of truck mixers, the company operates concrete production facility at Dunkirk, Nottingham, successfully supplying our loyal customer base. Nottingham Ready Mix Ltd, is a newly constructed plant, with a sixty metre per hour back weigh system, fully computerised to ensure not only the correct quantity but also the highest standard of quality in the production of ready mixed concrete.

The plant is uniquely situated inside an industrial unit, located at Dunkirk (Nottingham), thus enabling ourselves to produce ready-mixed concrete all year round and avoid any embarrassing calls advising "The weather has stopped production" and not forgetting the obvious financial loss of such an eventuality to yourselves.

Nottingham Ready Mix Ltd run a fleet of six metre vehicles to maximise our service for the large pours as required by our customers. We also have a number of 4.5 cubic metre truck-mixers for the small loads or where ease of access is important. We can also offer a most effective method of concrete placement by use of our 6 metre conveyor - supplying concrete straight to the point of delivery.

We provide ready mixed concrete for the following applications:

Kerb bedding and backing, Drainage works to give immediate support in Class 1 soils, Oversite below suspended slabs in Class 1 soils, Floors, Garage and house floors with no embedded metal, Wearing surface : light foot/trolley, Wearing surface : general industrial, Wearing surface : heavy industrial, Paving, House drives, domestic parking and external paving, Heavy duty external paving, Reinforced prestressed concrete mild exposure, Reinforced prestressed concrete moderate exposure, Reinforced prestressed concrete severe exposure, Reinforced prestressed concrete severe, most severe exposure, Reinforced prestressed concrete most severe exposure, Foundations, Blinding and mass concrete fill,

Strip footings (Class 1),

Mass concrete foundations (non-aggressive soils Class 1), Trench fill foundation (Class 1), Reinforced conditions (Class 1),

Foundations in Class 2 conditions,

Foundations in Class 3 conditions &

Foundations in Class 4 conditions.

We provide ready mixed concrete throughout the Midlands, East Midlands, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby, Derbyshire, Leicester, Leicestershire, Birmingham, Burton-no-Trent, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Coventry, Warwickshire, Stafford, Staffrodshire, Grantham, Newark, Newark on Trent.

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