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Wed November 20 2019

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Nvelope Rainscreen Systems Ltd

01707 333396

Designed for architects. Built for installers. The true realisation of architectural expression.

We make cladding happen.The façades industry is evolving and so are we.

We have recently expanded our offering with a new look, new improved products and systems and a more dynamic ‘project checklist’ which includes prices, thermal calculations and static calculations. Plus we’ve retained our great quality and service, technical ability, administration and logistics provision. Our approach to façades - quality. Excellence. Savings. We offer a full support service. Identifying potential cost savings, providing architects with project specific static calculations, thermal calculations and setting-out information. We develop systems for the ever-changing face of façade design.
Quality. Safety. Economy. Choice.

Quality guarantee – our products carry british board of agrement (BBA) certification.

Our new rainscreen cladding system, CPD, is fully accredited by RIBA. Easy to specify – our systems are available as NBS plus specification clauses and with autocad files.

Project checklist. Each façade is different. We continually strive to make life simpler for architects with our unique NVELOPE project checklist. Architects simply log on to www.nvelope.com and complete the checklist. A project specific cladding solution is then produced in-house that includes static calculations and setting-out information for the support system, thermal calculations and indicative m2 price. More information about our products, services and unique project checklist can be found on our website

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Tel: 01707 333396

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