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Fri August 23 2019

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Oranmore Pre-cast Ltd

0844 334 8986

Oranmore Precast Ltd has a state of the art manufacturing facility in Brandon. Our company has the capacity to offer several precast products to the UK market.

Hollowcore Precast

Hollowcore is a precast prestressed concrete slab, which is suitable for use in a range of commercial buildings, car parks, offices, apartments and in all types of housing.

Hollowcore can easily fit into any structural system, whether it is steel, in-situ, precast or concrete masonry.

Our hollowcore capacity is 10,000sq.m per week alone, which will make us one of the largest manufacturers in Great Britain. We are offering a wide range of Hollowcore depths ranging from 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 320mm, 400mm and up to 500mm.

Precast Concrete Stairs

Oranmore Precast offers a range of stair flights to suit every requirement. All our stair and landing units are designed, manufactured, delivered and installed to the highest standards.

Our team has over 30 years experience in manufacturing precast and providing the UK market. We understand what the expectations are of our clients and our focus is to provide high quality products and service for both big and small contracts.

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