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Sat October 19 2019

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P A F Systems

01933 403555

PAF Tektiles are manufactured from tough recyclable PVC in 10 standard colours.

They are specially compounded to withstand high levels of vehicle and foot traffic and have great resistance to impact, abrasion, moisture, chemical and oil damage.

The interlocking design ensures rapid adhesive free installation over virtually any hard surface. They are ideal for installation over damaged and dusty floors.

PAF Tektiles offer excellent thermal insulation performance together with good anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties.

PAF Tektiles can be quickly lifted and re-located when floor layouts are re-configured. PAF Tektiles are available in 9 standard colours and custom colours for orders over 250sqm.

Each tile measures 515mm x 515mm and are available in two thicknesses, 5mm and 7mm.

Two surface finishes are offered, raised disk and embossed. Tapered ramp tiles can be ftted to leading edges to reduce trip hazard. A full technical data sheet is available on request.

PAF Tektiles can also be specially compounded for specific applications to modify hardness, acoustic and other properties. An ESD version is available for electronics and other static sensitive applications.

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