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Wed November 13 2019

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PDC CONSULTANCY offer the most cost effective space solutions for any problem, designed to work for your business.

PDC Consultancy offer:

Mezzanine Floors:

With space at a premium, a mezzanine floor is the most cost effective solution for increasing storage capacity, freeing up valuable production space and raising or extending existing office areas.

Mezzanine floors are constructed independently of the existing building making them fully demountable for reuse; they can be either single tier structure or multi-tier structures dependant on the application. Designed to BS 5950 1:5, BS6399 and to all current Building Regulations.

Mezzanine floors can be designed to take loads from 3.5Kn/m2 (office loading) to 15 Kn/m2 (heavy machinery). Constructed using square hollow section columns sat on the existing ground floor slab, universal beams bolted to the top of the columns with secondary “C” section galvanised purlins cleated between. A choice of decking is added to form the floor of the structure, 38mm heavy duty particle board is used in most applications but other finishes can be used such as flat plate steel, chequer plate or open steel grating.

By using a mezzanine to make the most efficient use of the space you already have, we can help your business operate as efficiently as possible and combat the rising costs of rent, rates or even relocation.

- Expanding production capacity

- Improving operating efficiency

- Creating additional office space

- Enlarging retail or display area

- Increasing your storage capacity

- Cutting operation costs

- Energy saving

All mezzanine products are designed to meet with all current Building Regulations and British Standards.


PDC Consultancy can offer a number of solutions to your office environment, be it practical or high quality. When choosing what system and style you require there are a number of questions that you need to consider, look, fire rating and sound requirement. To help with your decisions please see the examples below:

Composite Partitioining

Sometimes known as demountable this partition system can reconfigured with the minimum of damage and cost. One of the most popular systems because of its flexibility, with an aluminium finish as standard its cost affectivity is good but for a little extra cost all aluminium components can be powder coated in a RAL colour of your choice giving a more expensive looking finish.

Stud Partitioning

Simple system which incorporates a single layer of plasterboard screw fixed either side of a galvanised stud. Board joints can be either clamp and covered or tape and jointed, dependant on the customers preference. Available in a number of finishes and applications, coloured finishes can also be applied to this product.

Glazed Partitioning

There are many type of glazed systems, from full height composite to Vitrage. Glazed partitions can give the minimalist appearance to your work place, but can also give privacy with the incorporation of double glazed units with integral blinds. The glazed partition also allows natural light into the offices to make a better working environment.

Shelving & Racking:

With a wide range of shelving systems available from heavy duty wide span to light weight office applications. Timber or steel shelf options are available, small part storage is a good example of the versatility of this product.

Suspended Ceilings:

With current Building Regulations any mezzanine floor that is over 20m in any one direction is required to be fire rated to 60 minutes. This can be achieved in a number of ways a suspended ceiling or MF plasterboard ceiling. The most cost effective solution is a suspended ceiling, which consists of a white layin grid with 60 minute mineral fibre tiles. There are many types of 60 minute tile to suit every purpose. The MF system consists of light weight metal frame being suspended from the structure above with one or more layers of board screw fixed to the underside subject to performance required, with all joints being taped and filled or plastered for a more traditional finish. To complete the structures fire rating columns cases and fascia are also installed.

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