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Sat October 19 2019

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Pete Eden Fencing Contractors

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Pete Eden Fencing Contractors is a fencing company based in Banbury, Oxfordshire. We specialise in the supply of non galvanised metal railing fences for farms, large estates, paddocks, etc. Non galvanised metal paints well and straight awy looks like it's been in place for years. Unlike galvanised metal, which peels off after a few years, it is extremely durable. The design that we use has been used around the estates in Oxfordshire for over 50 years and has vertical posts every metre with a top round bar and four lower rails.

We have been in the fencing business for more than twenty-five years and have established an excellent local reputation that generates customers before we can get around to advertising! Comprised of a small but effective work force we can offer that personal touch whilst having enough manpower to take on the larger jobs.

We also specialise in wooden posts and rails and wooden gateways, which works in well with the increasingly popular metal railings that look so good for long sweeping runs or just small sections in prominent places.

We supply non-galvanised metal railings with vertical posts every metre with a top round bar and four lower rails. The type of railing we do is termed as continuous, which is the traditional way of railing. This means that the posts are put in first to roughly the right height and in the line you want, and then the top bar and the rails are threaded through the uprights. These are then fixed in place with special clips and the fence is then adjusted to the correct height.

The advantages of this continuous type of fencing over the made-up panels that are commonly available are significant.

The fence can follow any undulation in the ground and flow up and down, giving the fencing a much more natural look, whereas with panels you get a step in the top line of the fence every time the ground rises or falls.

It is possible to erect the fence with gentle bends arounds sweeps around corners. If pre-made panels are used the bends look sectional.

Because the continuous railings are clipped together and not welded this allows for a small amount of movement in the metal in extreme temperatures without causing buckling or cracking welds.

We can supply with instructions, tips and suggestions to facilitate installation, or carry out installation for local orders in Oxfordshire.

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