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Tue August 20 2019

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Peveril Machinery

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Equipment Suppliers for Concrete Product Producers and Volumetric operators. As a family business established in 1974 we provide friendly and professional service to our customers and we look forward to being of assistance to you shortly.

Stockist of:

Mixers; Pan, Drum, Forced action, Vibrating motors, Vibrating Tables, Vibrating Pokers, Concrete Additives. Colour Pigment. Storage Tanks.

Suppliers of:

Silos, Cement Silos, Storage Hoppers, Aggregate Bins, Feed systems, Belt Conveyors, Screw Conveyors, Weighing and Measuring devices, Dust suppression, Sweepers; Sweepex, Rotary, Pedestrian. ICE control. Loading and Unloading systems. Reinforcement: Bar Bending machinery, Bar Croppers, Spacer clips, Chairs, Wheels. Air vibrators, Pneumatic vibrators, Hydraulic vibrators, Electric vibrators, High Frequency vibration, Diem Mixers, Diesel mixers, Creteangle mixers, Compulsory Action mixers, Contra Rotating mixers, Planetary mixers, Linco mixers, Turbo mixers, Volumetric mixers, Twin shaft mixers, Truck mixers, Screed mixers, Rubber Crumb mixers, Lime Mortar mixers, Croker mixers, OMG mixers, Glass Reinforced Concrete mixers, Imer mixers, Rapid mixers, So-Ro-To Soroto mixers, WAM silo equipment, Reverse Jet filters, Wam Screw conveyors, Plasticizers, Mould Release oil, Plaster mixers, Safety Surface mixers Playground safety surface mixers, Block Making machines, Concrete Batching Plants, Water tanks, Fuel tanks, Bunded tanks, Double Skin tanks, Steel tanks, Plastic tanks, Separation tanks, Croppers, Reinforcement Spacer Clips, Diem Mixers, Diem Spares, Creteangle mixers, Creteangle Spares, Linco Mixers,Pemat Mixers, Pemat spares, Plaster Mixers, Wam screw Conveyors, Concrete Hardeners, Mould Release oil, Waterproofers, Playground safety surface mixers, Servicing Facility; Mixers, Seperation Tanks, Water Pumps, Strapping and Banding Machines, Shrink Bags, Edge Protectors, Fence Post Liner Moulds, Fence Post Carriers, Gravel Board Moulds, Slab Moulds, Edging Moulds, Silo Pressure Relief Valves, Silo Aeration and Silo Lead Indicator.Alba Bar Benders and Croppers, Small Batching Plants, Hire of Mixers, Hire of Silos, Hire of Tanks, Hire of Vibrating Tables, on the last line it should read Silo Aeration and Silo Level indication and add Silo Fill Pipe Protection.

Family run with real service.

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