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Piletec is the UK's leading supplier of piling equipment including piling hammers, croppers and attachments, sheet piles and culvert pullers to the construction industry offering high quality and reliable equipment for driving, extraction and foundation preparation projects. Piletec also offers on-site fitting by fully trained service engineers and technical support by qualified engineers.

Piletec’s Crane Free Suspended Vibrators (FSV) are used for both installing and extracting sheet piles and tubes using either a crawler crane or mobile/telescopic crane. The vertical force and vibrations generated by the hammer make the FSV a powerful, productive pile driving solution.

The three vibrator types are; Standard Frequency – operates at the lowest frequency but offers the greatest amplitude.

High Frequency – operates at a higher frequency with lower amplitude reducing the overall levels of ground vibration.

Resonance-Free – operates similar to the High Frequency model but with the elimination of low frequency vibration at start-up and shut down.

Excavator Mounted Vibrators (EMVs) are excavator attachments specifically designed to accurately & efficiently drive and extract sheet piles. The purpose of the EMV is to achieve temporary fluidity in the soil by applying vibration. Piletec’s range of EMVs operates in granular (non-cohesive) soils to very dense (cohesive) soils.

The VibroSafe Quick Hitch Adaptor is exclusive to Piletec and is the best possible solution when working with excavator Mounted Vibratory Piling Hammers. It fits 90% of Quick Hitches from 12 tonne to 25 tonne excavators and change from Bucket to Hammer in 10 mins.

Piletec’s Culvert Puller has a fully adjustable pulling range from 1 – 2- tonnes and increases productivity, improves efficiency, and is the most flexible culvert puller on the market. The unit is powered by an electro-hydraulic power pack, providing a safe, speedy and efficient method of installation.

Piletec’s comprehensive range of Pile Croppers are designed to crop cast and pre-cast square and round concrete pile sizes from 140mm to 1800mm. These pile croppers are vibration-free and therefore reduce health and safety risks.

In addition to pile croppers, and to meet the ever-increasing demand for multi-purpose attachments, Piletec also offers an attachments range. The portfolio includes high quality mini crushers and shears, multi-processors, grabs, hydraulic compactors and hammers, and digging and re-handling clamshells.

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