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Sat June 06 2020

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Point of Rental Software

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Point of Rental Software was born behind a hire counter in 1983. But our story truly starts with three NASA employees who decided to start a small general hire business that catered to homeowners. The entrepreneurs soon discovered that the only hire software in existence was slow, clunky, and had a habit of crashing at the most inopportune times. Since they had worked on software for the lunar lander, they knew they could create software to manage their hire business, so they wrote their own. Before long, they had a marketable product on their hands, and in 1984, the first Point of Rental System was purchased.

Over 35 years and many miles, Point of Rental has grown from that small, three-man operation into the premier provider of hire management software in the world. With four different software options and offices in the U.S., U.K., and Australia, our award-winning in-house support is available 24/7. More than 5,000 businesses worldwide trust our software to optimise their operations.

What fueled that growth?

We invest heavily in our customers’ needs. We built our software to serve one hire business (our own), and we know the importance of the feedback from the people behind the counter every day. Meeting these needs has led us to 29 (and counting) honours from hire and software industry experts in the past two decades.

Listening to our customers’ needs led us to develop the industry’s first dispatch center. We were early to add integrations with common online mapping programs, which organise routes, deliveries, and collections in the most efficient possible manner. We developed some of the industry’s first mobile applications, extending the power of the software to everyone in your company. We’ve even had telematics and RFID integrations in the software for several years, having recognised that these technologies will transition from beneficial to essential as they progress.

With four different products, from the simple-yet-powerful cloud-based Rental Essentials to the robust, Microsoft BI-integrated Rental Elite, Point of Rental has software that puts your business in position to succeed, no matter how much you intend to grow. If you’re looking for a tried-and-true, counter-and-depot-tested powerhouse in your software, Rental Expert and Syrinx fit that bill, having pushed our customers’ growth for decades.

In short, Point of Rental works for the hire industry because we speak hire fluently. More than 80% of our software support staff previously worked in hire businesses – even our CEO grew up behind his parents’ hire counter before becoming our head programmer. We know hire. So, if you ever want to know what Point of Rental can do for your business, just give us a ring. We speak your language.

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