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Sun May 31 2020

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Pola Flooring Services Limited

01676 542484

Pola Flooring have all the experience required to provide the most comprehensive range of industrial flooring finishes that meet the exacting standards of ever changing modern and technically based industries.

Since formation, Pola Flooring has developed nationally into one of the leading specialists for quality floor and wall resin systems, and are approved applicators of several leading manufacturers within the industry.

Utilising highly skilled and experienced applicators backed by a technical advisory service, the company has steadily grown and continues to expand its customer base.

Typical problems our clients require us to overcome are: Uneven surfaces, Slippery surfaces, Increasing levels of hygiene, Chemical resistance, Impact & abrasion resistance, Dust control, Spalled & defective concrete surfaces, Epoxy Polyurethane coatings, Epoxy Mortars Trowel Applied, Epoxy Flow, Applied Polymer, Flow Applied Acrylic Polymer, Trowel Applied Polyurethane Screeds, Trowel Applied Pumpable Screed Systems.

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Tel: 01676 542484

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