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Tue October 15 2019

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Precast Construction Technology Limited

0845 519 1973

PCT is a new company formed in 2009 to offer direct to the market a wide range of consumable products used in the industry. We are the first dedicated one stop supplier supplying only the Precast industry. Although the company is new the staff have many years experience within the industry. We are proud to work very close with our factory which enables us to offer a quality product at competitive prices.


Our background has come from some very customer focused service companies, good service should be at the forefront of every companies goals and for PCT service is one of the most important factors in our business. Our Price lists show average delivery times although generally all stocked products will be delivered on a next day delivery basis. We closely monitor non conformances within the business to ensure we are always looking for ways to improve our service offering to you the customer.


When it comes to lifting equipment Quality has to be number one, our factory is registered to ISO 9001 and before any goods are dispatch all are tested for quality and strength. In addition we then send to a independent test house to batch test all sockets and anchors here in the UK before being placed for sale. Our system allows us to track sales of each batch so we always know where our product has been delivered. We welcome customers to inspect our procedures.


Our product range covers a vast range of products from a reinforcement spacer to a 99t wire rope lifting loop. Although our brochure covers over 2000 Items we understand that you may have a requirement not listed. From our time within the industry we have built up a knowledge base of suppliers so we are able to offer many "special" products not listed in our brochure. In addition our factory is able to produce special metal work at competitive prices recent examples are wall connection and stair connection brackets.

Our products inculde:

Reinforcement Spacers

Tying Systems

Threaded Socket System

Quick Lock Anchor System

Lifting Spherical Head Pin Anchors

BT - Turnbuckle

Cast In Loops

Cast In Anchor Channel

Sandwich Panel Construction

Twin Wall Construction

Reinforcement Connections

Magnetic Framework System

Sealing Systems


Concrete Rapair

Precast Accessories


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Tel: 0845 519 1973

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