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Prodar Surveys Ltd

Thu May 24 2018

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01482 778 588Prodar Surveys Ltd

_Cable Avoidance Clearance & Mark-Out

__Utility Mapping Surveys

___Ground Probing Radar Surveys

____Topographic/Land Surveys

Based in East Yorkshire

T: 01482 778 588

E: info@prodarsurveys.co.uk

_the latest detection technology in professional hands

__detect and map underground utilities before you dig

___improve project planning and reduce project downtime

____embark on construction with confidence

An underground mapping survey locates buried utilities and other underground features. The end product is an accurate scale AutoCAD file indicating the routes, depths and positions of the surveyed utilities and features. Our mapping is carried out using a variety of electromagnetic, visual and ground probing radar techniques.

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Getting in contact with Prodar Surveys Ltd

Carlisle House - Unit 20
Carlisle Street
East Yorkshire
DN14 5DS

Tel: 01482 778 588

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