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Fri May 29 2020

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Quickbase Foundations Limited

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Quickbase Foundations Ltd was formed in 2008 to manufacture and distribute Quickbase Foundation Systems.

QuickBase foundations were developed by Shire Structures in partnership with Thor Helical Remedial, part of the Wykamol Group.

Shire Structures combines the expertise of specialist structural building contractors and structural/civil engineering designers with a track record of designing construction projects up to £25million in value. Shire stabilisers are widely specified throughout the UK and are now the most popular small diameter pile used for building repairs. Shire piles - the helical pile in the QuickBase system - are a development of this and are used for the support of a new build construction to support conservatories, extensions and garden buildings.

Thor Helical Remedial, is part of the Wykamol Group which has been a leading manufacturer of remedial building products for over 70 years. Wykamol produces a unique range of stress free masonry reinforcing products along with application methods that provide a cost effective, concealed, non-disruptive solution for many forms of remedial masonry stabilisation, including crack stitching, lintel repairs, overbeaming, expansion joints, lateral restraints and remedial wall ties.

The System

This pioneering modular system* is based on helical screw piles, which support lightweight, part-recycled plastic ground beams connected via a series of push-fit joints to form a frame.

The ground beam is then filled with a specially formulated non-shrink grout to give a high strength composite beam.

The frame carries the load of the building through the piles to suitable bearing strata, uniquely removing the need for mass concrete foundations.

It is then fitted with a premanufactured damp proof floor slab onto which the inner wall of the conservatory or extension is built.

QuickBase foundations are ideal for other lightweight structures such as porches, extensions or modular buildings. Critically, they more than meet the requirements of proposed changes in building control regulations.

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