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Sat October 19 2019

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RFA-Tech Ltd

0870 0112881

As one of the UK's Leading specialist construction accessory suppliers, RFA-TECH has built-up an enviable reputation for providing a wide product range together with a rapid and efficient service.

RFA is now recognised as a market leader, supplying major contractors and blue-chip companies, and continual development maintains and enhances our prominent position.

The RFA-Tech product range includes:


Concrete Spacers, Plastic Spacers, Wire Spacers

Slab Accessories

Polythene & Jointing Tape, Frost Blankets, Dowels, Sleeves & Caps, Joint Fillerboards, Crack Inducers & Voidformers, Screedrail & Chairs, Chemicals for Floor Slabs

Bar Products

Tying Wire, Tying Tools & Wire Cutters, Reelfix, Double Loop Ties, Bind Fix, Rebar Protection Caps

Waterproofing & Gas Barriers

PVC Waterstop, Self-swelling Waterstop, Self Adhesive Membranes, Bentonite Membranes, Pre-applied Membranes, Gas Membranes, Drainage Membranes, Liquid Applied Membranes, Cementitious Coatings, Concrete Repair, Expansion Fillers, Joint Sealants


Tie Bars & Accessories, Kicker Support Bracket, Chamfer Angle, Shutter Foam, Tape & Duct Tape, Formwork Chemicals


Curing Products, Formwork Treatments

Startabox, Sheartech & Couplers

Startabox, Standard Startabox, Sheartech Rails, Sheartech Grid, Couplerbox, Threaded Rebar Couplers, Remedial Rebar Couplers

Lifting & Fixing Products

Capstan Anchor Systems, Threaded Systems, Spread Anchor Systems, Precast Spacers, Chemicals for Precast, Precast Accessories, Prestressing Steel

Precast Accessories



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