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Sun February 16 2020

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RS Components UK Ltd

0844 417 1810

RS Components, part of Electrocomponents plc, founded in 1937 is a global business supporting over a million engineers.

RS is recognised as Europe's leading industrial distributor and has operating companies in over 20. RS has had the simple objective of providing a part for every job, from research and development though pre-production to maintenance and repair.

As those jobs have diversified and became even more complex, RS has developed it's offering and its abilities accordingly. Whether it's power tools, process control equipment, transistors, an oscilloscope, plumbing supplies or protective clothing, they can all be supplied from one single source through a choice of purchasing channels and delivery methods, including free delivery as standard.

The RS range has over 146,000 products from over 1300 suppliers and a further 100,000 electronic & electromechanical products available online. Batteries, Connectors

Embedded & Wireless, Optoelectronics and Displays, PCB Prototyping & ESD Handling

Passives, Power Supplies, Semiconductors,

Transformers, Cables, Control Gear, Electrical Installation Enclosures and Fans, HVAC and Security, Process Control, Relays, Switches and Indicators, Hardware, Mechanical Components, Plumbing and Hosing, Pneumatics and Hydraulics, Tools and Tool Storage, Workshop Consumables, Workshop and Site Equipment

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Tel: 0844 417 1810

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