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RSL Engineering

Mon April 23 2018

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0203 305 6509RSL Engineering

RSL Engineering stands first and foremost for high-quality products and outstanding customer service.

Our products are designed to make your machines and business as efficient as possible. Nearly all our products were born out of the need to make our lives as easy as possible.

The New Model B Maxi 10+ grab is now available

The Maxi Grab has now been slightly revised with a slighly straighter fork to allow the bucket to crowd more and bracing to the teeth and at the base of the fork to reduce the chance of the forks being pushed sideways. At RSL we strive to improve our products as much as possible to give you the best . We have hydraulicaly adjustable versions of all our grabs from 1.5t - 40t

Root Ripper Tine with unique rear saw blade

Please contact us for more details of our full range of thumb grabs and digger attachments for all makes and types of excavator from 0.7t to 14t

We manufacture a fantastic Root Ripper Tine for machines from 0.75t upwards Ours differ from others as it has a saw ripper blade on the rear of the tine, so when the machine is defeated on power pulling a thick root the rear blade can be used to saw through the root until the machine has enough power to finaly pull through. This action saves time clearing soil away from the often hidden root and then having to saw or chop through the root with an axe. The root ripper tine is not just for pulling out tree stumps though. With the rear saw/ripper blade removed the tine can go to work lifting concrete or looseing hard and compacted soils. When the ripper tine is used in conjunction with our thumb grabs a powerful gripping action is formed. Large lumps of concrete can be lifted safely and placed into waiting dumpers or heavy logs can be lifted or rolled by using the rear saw/ripper blade plus a multitude of other jobs.

Getting in contact with RSL Engineering

9 Rushfield
Potters Bar

Tel: 0203 305 6509

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