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Mon December 09 2019

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Realstone Limited Natural Stone Supply

Why use Realstone as your first and trusted supplier of natural stone? Why partner with Realstone on your next project?

Reason 1:

As a vetted member of the Stone Federation, Realstone have to achieve certain levels of professionalism before we are granted membership. We are accountable and all our customers have recourse to the Federation if we are unable to perform. (However this has not been necessary yet!)

Reason 2:

Two fully operational and sizable, top-quality production units keeping our delivery times realistic so that your project can progress on time and without delay thus saving you time and money. The Chesterfield plant now has a dedicated Rainscreen production line. The first of its type in the UK

Reason 3:

Realstone have one of the largest portfolios of indigenous stones in the UK. Couple this with the very successful sourcing of granite and sandstone from around the world and you can see that there will be no shortage of choice for stones on your next project.

Reason 4:

The Realstone Projects Office includes full drawing facilities available to turn your architect's drawings to production drawings. We are keen to get involved at an early date to help in the value-engineering of your project.

Reason 5:

Realstone offer an education service through personal CPD seminars at your office. An alternative to this is our online programme where you can "learn at your leisure".

Reason 6:

All Realstone's Limestones and Sandstones are fully tested to the latest BSEN standards. We are also well-versed in the meaning of these results and how they relate to various circumstances. We can therefore advise accordingly.

Reason 7:

We operate a free technical advice service. If the question is in a related sphere we will either find the answer for you or point you in the right direction.

Reason 8:

You have a dedicated Realstone projects team following your project from the moment it is handed over as a live project. This is often during design even before the order is placed. This team will make sure details are accurate, liaise with architects and see that the production and delivery are as good as or better than expected.

Reason 9:

We deal with Sandstone, not sand. Heads are never buried and we are not in the habit of ignoring problems if they occur.

Reason 10:

Iain, Clinton, Max, Stephen, John, Jason, Tony as well as all the team in production are human beings and like to help people. They are knowledgeable about natural stone and keen to be a part of your next project.

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