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Sat December 14 2019

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Pallet racking from Redirack - the UK's foremost manufacturer - is unique. Redirack Pallet Racking

The product was originally developed in Canada in the early 1960's and it is generally recognised as the world’s first frame and beam pallet racking system. The original, Canadian Redirack was designed around imperial dimensions, but European manufactured Redirack, produced in Belgium since 1968 and the UK since 1974 has always been metric. Canadian and European Redirack is not therefore, interchangeable - English and Belgian generally is.

Adjustable Racking

Adjustable pallet racking has two prime components - frames and beams. These are arranged to provide a number of storage locations that are in general serviced by fork lift trucks for the picking and placing of palletised loads. The rack’s vertical frames are the source of its load bearing capacity while the horizontal beams provide support for the stored pallets.

Welded Frames

Redirack is the UK’s only manufacturer of welded frame racking. The factory produces one-piece frames more than thirteen metres high. These feature continuous uprights and welded cross braces and are very popular with users. They mean less on-site assembly time, reduced maintenance and increased reliability when compared with pallet racking having a bolted frame construction.

Welding frames in precise jigs in the factory means that the accuracy of the final installation is in-part determined in the factory. The alignment of the installation, very important given the tight operating clearances within most schemes, is not influenced by the on-site assembly of frames from component parts.

End connectors

The other key influence on the performance of a pallet racking systems is its frame to beam interface. To make the storage systems "adjustable" the beam’s end connectors hook into the frame using a number of lugs. The number and arrangement of these varies manufacturer to manufacturer, in Redirack’s case the design was right first time and has remained unchanged for nearly forty years

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