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Sat January 25 2020

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Rhodar are one of the UK's largest and most respected asbestos abatement companies. With regional offices throughout the UK, we are able to provide a fast, efficient and professional response for any asbestos issue.

By providing a competitive quality service, completed on time by skilled proactive teams, Rhodar are the natural choice for asbestos related solutions.

We specialise in asbestos abatement (removal & encapsulation) not only throughout the UK but worldwide. We are proud to be the only British company that has successfully completed asbestos removal works throughout British Antarctica for BAS.

Our management and operative teams are able to create asbestos abatement packages for any solution.

We specialise and have experience in asbestos abatement in the following sectors:

- Healthcare Establishments

- Historical & Security Sensitive Sites

- Residential

- Commercial Properties

- Manufacturing

- Leisure & Retail

- Chemical & Offshore

- Government Buildings

- Nuclear Industry

It is testament to Rhodar's quality of service, reliability, and professionalism that we hold national term contracts with many of the UK's largest and most respected organisations including Royal Mail, British Telecom, Sainsburys and BAA plc.

Rhodar is the only company to offer a free asbestos abatement consultancy service for asbestos surveying. We will put you in contact with one of our UKAS Accredited Partners which, in line with current legislation and approved codes of practice, can provide costings for surveys and management plans to help you become fully compliant with legislation.

The types of surveys recognised by the enforcing authorities are:

1. Presumptive Survey

The location of asbestos materials within a building are registered and monitored within the survey, although this is seen as a less accurate form of surveying.

Because no sampling occurs there is a very real possibility that materials that do not contain asbestos are managed as if they do. Over time this would make management of materials very expensive, as prior to any work within the fabric of the building, the materials would need to be sampled by a UKAS Accredited Laboratory.

2. Standard Sampling or Non Destructive Survey

This expands further from a type 1 survey by sampling and identifying materials through analysis. This is the most recognizable survey within the industry at present and can provide the corner stone for the asbestos management plan.

3. Destructive Survey or Pre-Demolition / Major Refurbishment Survey

This requires a thorough survey of all materials within the building regardless of how accessible they are. This must be undertaken prior to any destructive work on the building to prevent the uncontrolled spread of asbestos materials. Aberdeen, Hull, Taunton, Ellesmere Port, Southend, Cramlington, Heathrow, Burton on Trent, Bristol, Glasgow, Cardiff, Edinburgh

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