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Tue March 31 2020

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Rilton Electronics Limited

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Variable Transformers - Motorised Variable Transformers and Enclosed Variable Transformers with ratings up to 600 Amps,Available as Single Phase, Three Phase, Air or Oil Cooled. Any mounting position.

Automatic Voltage Stabilisers

A.C. Voltage Stabilisers with ratings from 0.5 Amp to 156 Amps

Single Phase, Three Phase, Air or Oil Cooled. Open or Enclosed. Remote sensing.

Current Transformers

Current Transformers of all types including :- Tapewound ring type current transformer. Resin Cast (Epoxy) Current Transformers. ABS Casing current transformers. Core Balance CT's (Resin cast) and many more.

Fan Speed Controls

Thyrister Fan Speed Controllers 3 Amp and 6 Amp.

Soft or Hard Start

The Company is committed to providing quality products with fast delivery times and at very competitive prices.

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