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Mon January 27 2020

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Rite Industrial Doors

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Rite Industrial Doors have specialised in the manufacturing and installation of security shutters for retail premises for many years and our product range has grown considerably during this period.

We are able to tailor make roller shutters to suit any application. Our roller shutters provide a high level of security but are visually still cosmetically pleasing to the eye.

We can offer a wide choice of colour finishes in eye-ball (Perforated Finish), brick-bond perforated laths or chain link. This type of lath allows vision through the shutter allowing the customers to display their products whilst providing a high level of security.

Operation - Our shutters can be operated manually or electrically operated.Installed as a heavy duty, physical deterrent, sliding gates are ideal for securing any type of opening as a secondary barrier or in a stand alone application.

Where keeping out the elements are not a factor, face fixing or reveal fixing gates fold neatly away when not in use.

Manual or electric operation.

Available in a choice of powder coated finishes.

"Make the Rite Choice"

Manufactured from heavy duty polyurethane canvas, high speed shutter doors open and close at up to 2 metres per second.

Installed into an interior opening where heat and fume control are of importance. Can also be installed in conjunction with a standard roller shutter for exterior application where high level of access is required during working hours.

They are designed to detach at the seams in the event of a collision and just press together in order to reseal, ensuring repairs are kept to a minimum.

Manufactured from a series of vertical profiled, galvanised steel leaves, joined together by a continuous hinge to create a concertina effect. This design is the most robust type of industrial door.

Folding doors run on rollers and are suspended from an overhead track at the head of the door. A guide channel at the foot allows for smooth operation.

Ideal for both large or small openings and can be manually or electrically operated. Are available with various locking options and fixing arrangements. Folding doors can also be fitted with vision panels for increased safety. Galvanized or powder coat finish.

Sectional overhead doors are fully vertical or horizontal opening operation dependent on head height above door. Constructed from foam insulated panels, for significant noise reduction and insulation against heat loss. This type of door has the added advantage of being able to accommodate a number of vision panels if natural light is required.

Manually or electrically operated and available in a choice of 16 standard Plastosol HP2000 colours. This design of door is considered to be the most user friendly and environmentally attractive.

PVC insulation screens and PVC strip curtains for internal and external thermal partitions, barriers against dust, fumes and insects etc. Effective in reduction of noise levels between production areas in factories.

Resistant to the continual passage of vehicular traffic with 99% reduction of harmful UV light. Special qualities are available for low temperature aplications and deep freeze requirements.

Insulated sectional doors and shutters including rapid roll doors and rapid fold doors with foam infil for extra insulation.

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