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Sun February 23 2020

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Road Marking Services Limited

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Road Marking Services specialise in the laying of all types of horizontal markings, we were founded in May 1989. We are also members of the RSMA, Constuctionline, CHAS, Safecontractor, and have Quality assurance.

Car Parks : Thermoplastic is the most widely used material for lining car parks as it

is cost effective and hard wearing, see materials page for details and other

material options.

Coloured areas for demarking areas for Disabled and Mother and toddler bays

or walkways can be created using a vast range of different shades.

Letters, arrows, numbers and shapes can be laid.

Sports Courts : WE do not construct courts but we will refurbish your games area.

Sports courts require regular maintenance to significantly extend the overall life of the playing surface.

We specialise in refurbishing porous tarmac surfaces, deep cleaning through to recolouring and line laying.

We use only top quality materials approved by the Lawn Tennis Association, giving the surface a slip resistant, top quality finish.

Roads : White lines were first laid in the UK at Ashford in Kent in 1914, since then markings have become an essential part of road safety.

Thermoplastic is the most widely used material although other materials are available.

Various grades of material are in general use, to meet daytime luminance, nighttime retroreflectivity, skid resistance and wetnight reflectivity.

Yellow lines are used for parking restrictions, hatched areas, bus stops, School Keep Clear areas and rumble strip markings.

Road Studs : Roadstuds are used to enhance the visibility of markings.

We provide a laying service for the many types available.

Stainless steel and aluminium studs are mainly used on pedestrian crossings but we have also used them in the past to mark out parking bays.

Factory/Warehouse : We offer markings for walkways, hatched areas, pallet storage areas, forklift truck routes, anything that needs horizontal markings. We can also lay numbers or letters, arrows or warning markings.

Advice can be given on the best type and quality of material for your requirements.

Dock leveler lines with markings for different lengths of truck with mirror image stop markings have been laid in the past.

We also lay coloured non slip surfacing to walkways or forklift areas.

Anti Skid Surfacing : Anti skid surfacing using thermoplastic and 2 pack epoxy resin base are provided and laid.

HAPAS type 1 material can be used.

Red coloured anti skid for warning areas, splitter islands. Speed roundels, sharks teeth are popular in village gateways and school approaches.

Buff or grey anti skid is used to provide high friction surfacing areas on approaches to junctions and traffic lights.

Playground : Playground markings are an essential part of play learning for children. We lay any shape or game that you require.

School logo’s can be enlarged and reproduced to add to the appearance of the school.

As well as markings, we provide the latest technology in Resin Bonded and Resin Bound Stone solutions.

Resin Bound Stone: Resin bound stone surfacing uses similar materials as resin bonded stone but produces a much different finish.

Clear resin and natural stone are mixed together and laid with a smooth toweled finish to give a very pleasing appearance.

We can also add a non-slip finish to the surface.

Coloured glass is also used in highly decorative areas to give an enhanced appearance.

Tree pits are laid using larger stone with the stone resin remaining porous to allow plants to be kept watered.

We also specialise in RMS Stoneways Resin Bonded Stone. Resin bonded stone surfacing can be laid onto concrete or tarmac. The resin is mixed, spread and the chosen stone is broadcast onto the surface. Popular uses are for access roads, driveways, footpaths, walkways and landscaped areas, where a natural stone finish is required.

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