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Sat June 06 2020

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Rodal - No Skidding

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Rodal provides market leading Anti Slip Treatments and Industrial Non Slip Coatinds for existing floors where the is a major safety issue in Commercial Establishments, Institutions and residences etc.

There is a growing awareness in the UK to address the issue of slip injury prevention in the work place.

Rodal in partnership with No Skidding slip resistant products will increase the coeffecient of friction on all types of internal and external floors including:

Ceramics, Porcelain, Natural Stone, Wood, Concrete, Slate, Metal, Vinyl, Glazed Tiles, Linoleum, Laminate Rubber, Marble, Terrazzo, Travertine etc.

No Skidding products include the most comprehensive range of Anti Slip Treatments and Industrial Coatings, Slip Resistant Safety Tapes, Anti Slip Bath Treatments and slip resistant floor care products available in the industry and can be used virtually anywhere where their is a dangerous slip issue in both wet and dry conditions.

The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 requires employers to ensure the safety of all employees

and anyone who may be effected by their work. This includes steps to control Slips and Trips.

With respect to its construction the floor shall not be 'Slippery' as to expose any person to a risk to their safety, (Health & Safety Welfare Regulations 1992).

It is the responsibility of every company and employer to provide a safe working environment

for their employees as well as the visiting public.

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