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Mon December 09 2019

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Rotajaw Crushers UK Limited

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The first Rotajaw crusher we designed was for the quarrying market and was a large scale version weighing 22 tonnes.This crusher proved very successful, so due to recent high increases in the cost of aggregate and landfill disposal charges,combined with added pressure from the Government for businesses to recycle more waste,we decided to manufacture a mini version of the rotajaw.

They are available mounted on 3 or 6 ton site dumpers,the result is a very ROBUST,MOBILE,ECONOMICAL and EASILY MAINTAINED crushing plant. These machines are a must for any building site, transfer station or hire company!! The unique rotating jaw is much more efficient than the old type jaw crushers because it doesn't jam/block up with soft material such as soil (wet material) tarmac or timber, therefore no digging out and no down time. The crushing rotar is driven by an HAGGLUNDS hydraulic motor. This is a low speed high torque drive that gives a very impressive amount of crushing force, whilst keeping the wear rate on the jaws to a minimum.

The CA100 and the CA140 bucket crushers have a double Hagglunds drive system positioned either end of the rotar shaft.

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